Hello! Im Monster, i mainly draw fandom related stuff! But also do original work!
Here you can find all the information to my commission and Portfolio!
Feel free to contact me over any of my social medias linked!
Anyways, have fun looking trough this page!


Here you can check out some of my work, like already sayd, i mainly focus on drawing Fan related content, but also original works whit my own Characters!
im pretty open when it comes to what i draw, but im mainly a illustrator whit a Cartoonish style!

Commission Prices!

Hello and Welcome to my Commission Info, make sure to to read everything carefully and feel free to ask any questions you have!^^

Lets go!
- - - - -
- - -
What i Do!
Cartoon Gore/Candy Gore
Slighty complex ocs
fandom related ocs
Fandom Characters
Oc x Oc
Suggestive art/Nudity
- - - - -
What i Dont do!
NSFW [May change later]
Fetish art
Hardcore gore
Complexe meccas
Oc x Canon
Muscles [Needs More practise]
hate related art [Hate groups, etc.]
- - - - -
- - -
Rules and Info!
I may decline your commission when i feel uncomftable to do it or any Other reason.
I may decline your commission if u want me to draw a fandom related charActer that im uncomftable whit
ill always try to finish the commissions as soon as possible, so they may take 1 week - 1 month.
feel free to ask about your commissions, but dont stress me please, i always try to send update sketches, etc.!
all commissions will be done digitally!
I can do slight changes to the finished piece, but i will always send a sketch to know if u like it!
please tell me when u wanna cancel the commission! No payment back when i finished the commission!
only Payment in Euros and Paypal!
be nice, just dont be an ass. thx!
[Also if u speak german, feel free to dm me in german, its easier for me, only for the germans tho! ]
- - - - -
- - -
Sketch: 15€
Lines: 20€
Colored: 25€
Shaded: 30€
- - -
Sketch: 10€
Lines: 15€
Colored: 20€
Shaded: 25€
- - -
Sketch: 5€
Lines: 10€
Colored: 15€
Shaded: 20€


Here you can find all my social medias on which you can contact me!
the easiest way to contact me would be over Intsagram or Twitter!
Hope to hear from you soon! And have a nice Day/Night!